Shady Area Border BB6

Quick Overview

  • 100% Wildflower Seed mixture 
  • Creates a Shady Border
  • 6 species, long flowering season
  • Seed Rate 2.0 grams per sq mtr.
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10 Grams
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25 Grams
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100 Grams
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BB6 Shaded areas 100% Wildflower Seed mixture This is one of our range of 100% wildflower seed mixes to create a border in your garden The application rate is 2.0 grams per square metre or yard. The species in the mixture are wildflowers that would suit a small shady area under trees in the garden. Wildflower species Lesser knapweed Wild Foxglove, Ox eye daisy, Hedge bedstraw, Hedge garlic, Red campion Please note all the wild flower seed in this mixture are sourced and processed as follows. They come originally from stock grown in the wild in the UK. They are then multiplied up commercially. The seed is packed, mixed and distributed in the UK. This way you can be confident that you are buying native UK Wild Flower Seed to produce Native UK Wild Flower Meadows.

Additional Information

Flower Colours Mixed
Plant Height 2.5 to 3 feet
Mixture Details Lesser knapweed, Sweet Cicely, foxglove, Ox eye daisy, Hedge bedstraw, hedge garlic,red campion
Flowering Season May to September
Setting Shade

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