British Native Meadow Wildflower Seeds For Meadow Lawns SKU: MAS-WMEAD12

British native wildflower meadow seed mix for lawns. Turn your lawn into a meadow. The mix contains 12 wildflowers including Meadow Buttercup and Cowslip. Bee friendly plants. Flowers from May - September.

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A mix of 12 wildflower species and 7 grass species,.


The wild flower species in this mixture  tolerate close mowing to a height of about 5cm for the most of the year


You can then choose when to cease mowing to allow flowering.

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Flower Colours Varied
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Plant Height up to 1.5 metres
Mixture Details

Kidney Vetch 4%; Lady’s Bedstraw 12%;

Common Catsear 3%; Rough hawkbit 4%; Oxeye daisy 8%;

Birdsfoot Trefoil 10%, Ribwort plantain 8%; Cowslip 2%;

Self heal 16%, Meadow Buttercup 12%; Common sorrel 17% Yarrow 6%; 


 Browntop bent 4.4% Crested Dogstail 1.6%, Strong Creeping Red Fescue 28%,  Chewings Fescue 24%, Slender Creeping Red Fescue 20%, Yellow oat Grass 1%, Sweet Vernal Grass 1%

Flowering Season May to September
Setting Many soils
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Seed Establishment:

Please download our Seed Establishment Guide (.pdf) for instructions on how to prepare, seed and care for your Meadowmania seed mixes.