Yellow Oat Grass Seed - Trisetum Flavescens AG-YE

Quick Overview

  • Attractive palatable perennial species.
  • Copes with most soils but prefers chalk.
  • Seed rate 10 grams to the sq metre
  • Sow in Spring or Autumn.
Name Price Qty
100 Grams
+ -
1 kilo
+ -


A perennial grass which grows up to 80 cm in height. In England & Ireland it is common less so in Wales and Scotland.  It is common on roadside verges, old pastures and hill grasslands.


It does particularly well on calcareous soils.  Whilst it is not now included in standard mixes it is very palatable species for sheep and cattle.  It is relatively drought resistant.

Sometimes called Golden Oat grass.

Additional Information

Image Copyright Jenny Seawright
Plant Height Up to 80cm
Latin Name Trisetum Flavescens
Setting Prefers Calcareous soils

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