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  • Blend of wildflower plants; A meadow that benefit Birds;  Free 25 grm of Cottage Garden Seed with each order; Minimum 10 Species
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Blend of wildflower plants that will give a meadow that will be attractive and benefical to Birds.

You can buy it in multiples of 50 or 150 plugs.

There are up to 16 different species listed and we will send you either 5 by 10, 15 by 10 or 50 by 10 from the following list of species, as they are available.

If you require specific species then you need to order from the Perennial plug plants.

All our wildflower plants are grown in the UK from native UK produced seed. All plugs are 40cc in volume. If you order 50 plugs we will send 5 plants of 10 species. If you order 150 we will send you 15 plugs of 10 species drawn from the list as we have them available. Delivery is from Mid September through to the End of April

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Flower Colours Range
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Plant Height 10cm-1 metre
Mixture Details Achillea millefolium – Yarrow; Centaurea nigra – Common Knapweed; Centaurea scabiosa – Greater Knapweed; Daucus carota – Wild carrot; Dipsacus fullonum – Teasel; Hypochaeris radicata – Common Catsear; Knautia arvensis – Field Scabious; Leontodon hispidus – Rough Hawkbit Plantago lanceolata – Ribwort Plantain; Prunella vulgaris – Self Heal; Rumex acetosa – Common Sorrel; Sanguisorba minor – Salad Burnet; Scabiosa columbaria – Small Scabious; Succisa pratensis – Devilsbit Scabious; Teucrium scorodonia – Wood Sage; Tragopogon pratensis – Goatsbeard
Flowering Season May-September
Setting Sun Mixed soils
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Seed Establishment:

Please download our Seed Establishment Guide (.pdf) for instructions on how to prepare, seed and care for your Meadowmania seed mixes.