Wildflower Plants For Bees MAS-PM7

Quick Overview

  • Blend of wildflower plants
  • A meadow that flowers throughout the summer 
  • Free 25 grm of Bee Border Seed with each order.
  • Minimum 10 Species
Name Price Qty
50 Plugs
+ -
150 Plugs
+ -


Blend of wildflower plants that will give a meadow that flowers throughout the summer to attract bees once established.

You can buy it in multiples of 50 or 150 plugs.

There are up to 20 different species listed and we will send you either 5 by 10 species or 15 by 10 species from the following list of species, as they are available.

If you require specific species then you need to order from the Perennial plug plants

Additional Information

Flower Colours Range
Plant Height 10cm-1 metre
Mixture Details Potential species are;, Betony, lesser knapweed, wild marjoram, meadow cranesbill, Red clover, st johnÍs wort, tufted vetch, vipers buglos, wild foxglove, white clover, Harebell, field scabious, clustered bell flower, birdsfoot trefoil, wild primrose, greater knapweed., self heal, hedge woundwort, kidney vetch and teasel.
Flowering Season May-September
Setting Sun Mixed soils

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