Californian Poppy ( Single Flowered Mix) Range Of Colours - Eschschoizia Californica MAS-TGO2

Quick Overview

  • Californian Poppy (Single flower mix)
  • Sow March to May or August to September. 
  • Range of colours in the mix. 
  • Likes well drained soils. 
Name Price Qty
30 Grams
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90 Grams
+ -
500 Grams
+ -
1 kilo
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Californian Poppy (Single flower mix) Eschschoizia Caifornica.

Sow March to May or August to September.

Range of colours in the mix.

Likes well drained soils.

Seed rate 3 grams to the square metre.

Flowers June to October.

Stagger the seeding times to stagger the flowering period.

Additional Information

Flower Colours White, yellow, red ,pink
Plant Height 1-2 feet tall
Latin Name Eschschoizia Californica
Mixture Details Sow in March April at 3 grams to the square metre.
Flowering Season June to October depending on sowing season
Setting Likes sun and most soil types but well-drained soil.

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