Bees & Butterflies 100% Wildflower Seed Mix SKU: MAS-WIS-BB

  • A 100% mix of over 18 Native & Non Native Wildflowers. Lots of Colour in first year. Perennials come back year after year. Attractive to Bees and Butterflies. Sow at 2 grams to the square metre
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A mix of over 18 Native and non Native Wildflower Species ,   

New 100% Wildflower seed mix contains;

Bee friendly species such as Bee Balm, Native red clover and Borage

Butterfly friendly species such Blazing Star Flowers, Cornflower and Lesser Knapweed

Free Establishment & Maintenance Notes. The application rate is 2 grams per square metre or yard. Sow Mid March to Mid May or Mid August to Mid September.

Sow at 2 grams to the square metre.

The annual will flower in the first year. Then the perennials will come back from year two year after year. Grows to about to 1 to 1.5 metre. 

More Information
Flower Colours Varied
Plant Height 1-1.5 metres
Mixture Details Birdsfoot Trefoil 2%, Blazing Star Flowers 3%, Borage 1%, Common Vetch 10%, Cornflower 9% Cosmos 5%, Crimson Clover 5%, Ladys bedstraw 5%, Lesser Knapweed 5%, Maltese Cross 10% Bee Balm 2%, Native red Clover 5%, Sainfoin 15%, Small Scabious 2% Dwarf Sunflowers 10%, Wild Carrot 5%, Wild Marjoram 1%, Yellow rattle 5%
Flowering Season May Through to September
Setting Prefers good soil and sun
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