Grass Seed For Horse Gallops 20 kg MAS-EQU01

Quick Overview

  • For areas that receive heavy wear.
  • Sow this at 40 to 100 kilos per acre.
  • Will withstand poaching well.


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Grass Seed For Horse Gallops 20 kg
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If you have an area that receives heavy wear then you a mix like this.

Sow this at 40 to 100 kilos per acre.

The grasses are both dense short and resilient.

They will with stand poaching well.

Work out the number of bags you require then enter it in the appropriate box. That is if you need 3 by 20 kilos then enter 3 in the 2-5 range and click buy.

Please note the prices are per 20 kilo pack.

Additional Information

Mixture Details
Species Variety %
Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass Verdi 25.0
Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass Ritmo 25.0
Slender Creeping Red fescue Leonora 10.0
Strong Creeping Red fescue Aniset 10.0
Smooth stalk meadow grass Limousine 30.0
Total 100.0

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