Gold Standard Natural Paddock Grass Seed Acre ( MEDIUM to HEAVY LAND) 13.5kg MAS-NH01

Quick Overview

  • Safe healthy Grazing
  • No Perennial ryegrass
  • Contains Herbs and wild flower species.
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Gold Standard Natural Paddock Grass Seed Acre ( MEDIUM to HEAVY LAND) 13.5kg
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Natural Horsemanship Gold Standard Pasture ley


This mixture is excellent where you have very extensive grazing( i.e very few horses per acre)

Where you wish to give them as much benefit from the grazing as possible

It is a mixture of a wide range of grass mixes, mixed herbs and wild flower species as well.

No Perennial Ryegrass

Healthy safe grazing

The mixture listed best suits heavy land if you light or limestone soils we can do an equivalent version for you soil type.

It contains no perennial ryegrass. This is for two reasons. It is believed that ryegrass leys may increase the likelihood of laminitis. Secondly ryegrass is generally too aggressive for some of the beneficial wild flowers to establish.

Timothy adds to the palatability. Cocksfoot can cope with drought. Smooth stalk meadow grass and creeping red fescue can help reduce poaching. The herbs add to a balanced diet

Sow1 pack per acre. Enter the number of acres you require in the appropriate box and then click "Add to Basket".

Additional Information

Mixture Details
Meadow fescue  Pardus 3.0
Smooth stalk meadow grass Sunbeam     2.5
Timothy  Polar King 1.75
Cocksfoot Amber 0.5
Creeping red fescue maximo 2.5
Tall Fescue  Borneo 1.0
Chewings fescue Greenfield 1.25
Mixed herbs   0.5
Wild Flowers   0.25
Salad Burnet, Dandelion, Ladys bedstraw    
TOTAL   13.25 kilos

Mixed Herbs Contains;  

Sainfoin, Sheeps Parsley, Sheeps Burnet, Yarrow, Ribgrass & Fenugreek

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