Birdsfoot Trefoil ( Lotus Corniculatus)

Birds foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus)

This a low growing plant. It has bright Yellow Flowers which generally flower during May and June.

Whilst the flowers at first appear to be bright yellow they are often tinted with orange and brown colours.

Birdsfoot trefoil is a very adaptable plant and will be found growing wild in most habitats.  It does particularly well on chalk pasture if the grass is short and fine. It is often seen growing along with Ribwort Plantain and Harebell. Also Birdsfoot Trefoil can be found  on sandy poor soil near the sea alongside Lady’s Bedstraw.

It is an important food source of the common blue Butterfly and is one of the best wild nectar sources for bees.

Flowering Season             May to August

Height                                 10 to 40 cm

Cultivations                       It is a perennial plant. Rub the seed lightly between two sheets of sandpaper to speed up germination

Either sow it thinly where you want it to grow in spring or autumn. Or sow seed 2 cm apart in a seed tray.


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