Wildflowers in Cornwall

In July, earlier this year we took a walk along the National Trust cliffs at Godrevy. For those that do not know it, it’s on the opposite bay to St Ives north of Hayle. We enjoyed all the wildflowers along our walk

We never seem to see the seals that are famous there. But it is striking how many wildflowers you see just walking along if the time of year is right and the weather good. It is a beautiful part of the countryside.

The wildflowers in the pictures below are just some of the ones we saw along a relatively short walk. I suppose a good example of attractive plants just growing naturally. At this stage I have not said what they all are as I thought you might like to test out your own knowledge. I will list what the species are at the end of January for those that are interested.

It is a good example of almost wherever you look in the countryside there are wildflowers of some sort growing along with grass. Clearly, we are biased but we believe planting wild flower seed can only be good thing. Benefiting the environment, the wildlife as well as creating an attractive meadow.