Establishment of Cat's Ear

cat's ear

cat's ear

Cat’s Ear are pretty flowers which are similar to Dandelions.

If they are allowed to spread in the summer in your meadow, they will form a sheet of attractive yellow flowers. They have short wiry stems and hairy leaves that can be eaten in salads.

Cat’s ear are attractive and beneficial to bees and to other insects

Site;                            They prefer sun

Soil type;                   They benefit from a well-drained soil

Flowering season;   May to September

Height;                       They will grow to 20 to 60 centimetres

Cat’s Ear are perennials which means once established they will come back year after year They do well if sown as part of a seed mixture. Or you can introduce them as an individual species through plug plants Into an existing meadow. Cat’s Ears are best grown where there is grass.

Cat’s Ear Plugs