Wildflower Borders

It is often the case that wildflowers are just associated with wildflower meadows.  In fact they can be used also to create beautiful wildflower borders in your garden.

More than that they can be targeted in ways that achieve different outcomes.

Wildflowers for Bees & Butterflies




One route might be to sow a mixture that is beneficial to bees, a major concern at present. You could sow a small area of wildflower seed and have an attractive colourful area but also know that you are helping our dwindling bee population. Species such as Betony, Red Clover and Lesser Knapweed amongst others are both attractive but also give Bees a source of nectar which they like.




You could sow a mixture that would be attractive to butterflies with species such Foxglove, Red Campion and Field Scabious amongst others. Creating colourful wildflower borders and ones that will attract and benefit butterflies.

Cottage Garden seed mixOr you could just grow a classic Cottage Garden Mix. Wildflower borders of annuals such as Cornflowers and Corn Cockle and Perennials such as Campions , Ox Eye Daisy  etc.. Giving you a colourful show in the first year and then something that will come back year after year if required.

You would sow a mixture like this at just 2 grams to the square metre. 10 grams would cover 5 square metres and would cost you just a few pounds. The ground needs to be cleared first where you are going to sow the seed and it should be sown in March/April or in August/September.

So maybe there is in an opportunity if you cannot grow a wildflower meadow to create a wildflower border in our garden. That way you can enjoy the colourful display and know you are benefiting wildlife as well.