Purple Loosestrife ( Lythrum Salicaria)

Purple Loosestrife is a very colourful flower which will send up spires of reddish-purple flowers from June though to August. It can grow up to 120 cm tall. The plant will grow in rich, marshy areas. By streams,rivers and lakes.

It can be found growing along side Yellow Flag Iris, Meadowsweet and Ragged Robin.

Whilst it will grow in semi-shade it will grow more vigorously in full sun. The plant produces large quantities of seeds which require strong light to make them germinate. Purple Loosestrife has been used to clean wounds and as a gargle.

Purple Loosestrife

Purple Loosestrife


Flowering Season    June to August

Height                       60-120 cm

Cultivation.               It is a perennial plant . It is difficult and expensive to grow from seed. So either divide rootstock in March or take cuttings of new shoots in April. Insert them in cutting compost which should be kept damp until the shoots have rooted.

Or introduce them as Purple Loosestrife Plug Plants