Cowlsip Primula veris

Cowslips Primula Veris

These beautiful yellow flowers were once very common in old meadows. They are still seen  in roadside verges where they are safe from the plough. ( see special offer at bottom of page)

They flower during April and May. Though they are short the grass is generally shorter so they can still be seen. They are ideal to be grown in hedge banks or in a semi-shady situation.They may even flourish in open woods. They favour chalky soils and will thrive in chalky boulder clay.


Cowslips are perennial plants that can be grown from seed. Sow in the autumn in situ or in compost in trays. The seed will germinate in the spring. .


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Ideally sow Cowslip in the autumn in a seed tray of peat compost. Cover with glass until germination takes place. This can be slow to encourage the seed to break dormancy it may need placing in the fridge several times before sowing. If planted in trays then plant the small plants out in the meadow in the following autumn. Established plants  can be divided up and replanted in the autumn.

An easy simple way to introduce Cowslips is by buying Plug Plants. These can be introduced into an existing Meadow or garden from September through to April.

Cowslips suit good soil in the sun or partial shade.

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