Superior Native Hedging Mix MAS-HDG02

Quick Overview

  • 13 species Superior Native hedging mix 
  • 2 year whips which are between 45 and 90 cm tall.
  • Establishment & Maintenance notes
Name Price Qty
50 Whips
+ -
100 Whips
+ -


Superior native hedging mix The products supplied are 2 year whips which are between 45 and 90 cm tall. With every order for hedging we will send a copy of some establishment and maintenance notes. The plants will be delivered from mid November through to early March. If planting a single row the work on 4 plants per metre if a double row then work on 6 per metre.

Additional Information

Mixture Details 67% Hawthorn, 10% Field Maple, 2% Blackthorn, 2% Dog rose, 2% Dog wood, 2% Crab Apple, 2% Common Buckthorn, 2% Sweet Briar, 2% Spindle Bush, 2% Hornbeam, 3% Guelder Rose, 1% Honeysuckle, 3% Hazel

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