Natural Hedging Mixes

Delivery and availability is from late November through until the middle of March . The products supplied in the mixes are 2 year whips which are between 45 and 90 cm tall. The individual species are also 2 year whips 45 to 90  cm tall.

With every order for hedging we will send a copy of some establishment and maintenance notes. If planting a single row then work on 4 plants per metre, if a double row then work on 6 per metre. The plants are produced in the UK.

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We supply a range of mixes of natural native hedging plants. There is a standard and superior mix. We have also introduced a mix that is horse safe if you want to plant it along side a field where horses graze. We can supply individual species and welcome the opportunity to quote for mixes other than our standard range.. All the whips we supply are from native UK stock