Grass Seed Amenity Mixture For Rugby Fields Pitches AM7b

Quick Overview

  • To establish or renovate a Rugby Pitch
  • Sowing from new you need 350 kilos 
  • Oversowing/renovating you need 175 kilos
Name Price Qty
20 Kilos
+ -
180 Kilos
+ -
360 Kilos
+ -


This is a mixture designed to be used to establish or to renovate Rugby Fields Pitches I

t will recover in the Spring from the hard winter wear & tear.

The ryegrass strains are very hard wearing.

It will deliver fast establishment, good colour, drought tolerance, excellent disease resistance!

A good quality, economical sports field renovation mixture.

Will delivers results & value Seed rate 50 Grams per square metre for new sowing.

25 grams to the sq metre for over sowing or renovation

Lowest recommended mowing height 25mm

Additional Information

Mixture Details
Amenity perennial  Greenglide 25.0
Amenity perennial Fancy 25.0
Amenity Perennial Concerto 25.0
Amenity Perennial Esquire 25.0
TOTAL 100.0

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