Quality Seed Mix For A Family Lawn AM9

Quick Overview

  • Good quality attractive hard wearing lawn.
  • Top Family Lawn Seed Mixture 
  • Seed rate from new 40 grams to sq mtr. 
  • Overseeding 20 grams.
Name Price Qty
800 Grams
+ -
5 Kilos
+ -
10 Kilos
+ -
20 Kilos
+ -
60 Kilos
+ -


Will produce a good attractive hard wearing lawn.

Easy to establish straight forward to maintain.

Will stand some hard wearing but also look good quality.

Sow between March to October.

Young grass will appear within 14-21 days under good growing conditions.

Additional Information

Mixture Details
Species %
Amenity Perennial ryegrass 55.0
Chewings Fescue 15.0
Slender creeping red fescue 25.0
Browntop bent 5.0
TOTAL 100.0
Setting sun

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