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Alfalfa Lucerne Green Manure Seed MAS-GM01

Quick Overview

  • Alfalfa lucerne seed for green manure. 
  • Sow at 2.5 grams per square metre. 
  • Sow late spring takes 3-12 months to grow 
  • Dig in when established.
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Alfalfa lucerne seed for green manure.

Sow at 2.5 grams per square metre.

Sow late spring takes 3-12 months to grow

Dig in when established.


April to July

Growing time

2-3 months or up to 1 year for overwintering.

Soil Type:




How to establish

Did the soil and remove weeds. Tread the soil, and broadcast seed. Rake the soil and water well. In dry periods you may need to water.


The green manure should be cut down before flowering. They can be dug into the soil by turning over or left on the top as a mulch.

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