Gold Dragon Grass Seed Mix For Long Term Grazing Acre MAS-GU6

Quick Overview

  • Long term 5 years plus 
  • This is a traditional long term grass ley.  
  • Sow a very diverse range of species.


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Gold Dragon Grass Seed Mix For Long Term Grazing Acre
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Agricultural Grass seed mix, Long Term 5 years plus

This is a traditional long term grass ley. These used to be called cockle park type mixes.

They were popular 40/50 years ago.

The principle was to sow a diverse range of species to try and provide as much as the animal could need from grazing or forage alone. As the pressure has come on farming modern mixes have a narrower range of species that provide higher yields and more consistent quality. But also need to be supplemented more.

Sow 1 pack per acre. Enter the number of acres you require in the appropriate box and then click "Add to Basket".

Additional Information

Mixture Details
Species Variety Kilos
Tet Hybrid ryegrass Solid 2.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass Bree 2.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass Lasso 3.0kgs
Cocksfoot Sparta 2.5kgs
Timothy Promesse 1.5kgs
Mixed herbs      0.5kgs
Alsike clover Ermo 0.5kgs
Late Fl red clover Rajah 1.5kgs
White clover Alberta 0.5kgs
Wild white clover Nanouk  0.1kgs
TOTAL 14.1/ac

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