Golden Summertime Annual 100% Wildflower Seed Mix GAM001

Quick Overview

  • Annual mix off exotic yellow, orange flowers
  • Sow March to May. 
  • Has a long flowering season. 
  • Sow at 3 grams to the sq metres. 
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90 Grams
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500 Grams
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1 Kilo
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A dramatic annual mix of exotic yellow, orange flowers -like marmalade.

Will bring a Sunny bright show to your garden.

Quick to grow and has a long season.

Sow at 3 grams to the sq metres.

Sow March through to May

Dimorphotheca mixed
Dimorphotheca is also known as "Cape Marigold" and "African Daisy" because of it's beautiful daisy-like flowers. The plant grows to 12" tall with flowers reaching 2" across in shades of yellow and orange. The plant is resilient and simple to grow.

Corepsis tinctoria
Growing quickly, Coreopsis tinctoria plants attain heights of 12 to 40 inches (30–100 cm). Flowers are brilliant yellow with maroon or brown centers of various sizes. Flowering typically occurs in mid-summer.

Calendula Pacific
Mixed A bright blend of orange, golden-yellow, apricot and cream flowers. Dead heading will prolong flowerinEscscholzia Yellow, ( Califonian Poppy)

Escscholzia Yellow California poppy is a perennial plant that grows 5 to 60 in (130 to 1,500 mm) tall, with alternately branching glaucous blue-green foliage. Flower colour ranges from yellow to orange, with flowering from February to September.

Rudbeckia Yellow
It is an upright annual sometimes native to most of North America and is one of a number of plants with the common name Black eyed Susan with flowers having dark purplish brown centers.


Additional Information

Flower Colours Yellow, Orange
Plant Height Pp to 1.5 metres
Flowering Season All summer
Setting Best suited to fertile conditions. Sown into ground which has been cleared of competition and which is a fine level seed bed

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