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Eco Barn Owl Nest Box SKU: WBF016

  • Eco Barn Owl nest box
  • Built partly put of reclycled plastic
  • Designed in the UK by professional ornithologists 
  • This advanced owl box provides a safe and comfortable roost 
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Eco Barn Owl Nest Box

  • The barn owl box is manufactured in UV stable 100% recycled plastic, it requires no maintenance and has an extremely long life expectancy
  • This advanced owl box provides a safe and comfortable roost and nest site for this iconic species
  • Suitable for use as an internal nest box inside a barn etc or mounted on a tree or wall as an external owl box
  • Featuring integrated hatch for easy cleaning, fenced landing/exercise platform and perches
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The Eco Barn Owl Nest Box has been developed from our class leading Barn Owl Nest Box which was itself designed in collaboration with the Barn Owl Trust. Apart from the wooden floor (which helps to keep the nest dry), it is entirely made from recycled plastic, it requires no maintenance and has an extremely long life expectancy. We have added features to this owl box to make it easier (and safer) to put up, to shed rain and snow better, to improve ventilation and drainage, and to provide better perching, exercising and landing opportunities for a pair of owls and their owlets.

This barn owl box is suitable for use inside a building such as a barn, or outside, fixed to a tree or wall.

Enjoy the pleasure of seeing the owls occupy their nest box in the knowledge that you are helping the conservation of these beautiful birds.  You could even fit a camera to the internal bracket provided, and watch them in the secret space of their own home.

Features that the box provides include:-

Nesting box manufactured from tough plastic, which has superior thermal insulation and heat retaining properties.

Gently curved and sloping roof, integrated with the sides of the owl box and overlapping the front and back, to keep the inside dry.

Ventilation and concealed drainage distributed throughout nest box, designed to reduce condensation and keep the owls healthy.

Sacrificial wooden floor (we suggest you replace it every few years) designed to wick condensation away from the nest.

Sturdy front platform to the barn owl box with fence all round for landing and for the young owlets to exercise on.

Wide canopy across front to protect the entrance hole and platform.

Entrance hole at correct height to avoid owlets getting out before they are mature enough to cope outside.

Adult birds can choose to perch or sit on roof, front platform or the 2 perches/hatch closures on the side of the bird box.

Young birds have a choice of the roof or the front platform (both textured to improve grip) for exercise.

Integrated side access hatch for cleaning out the box, or for monitoring by licenced specialists (shaped to allow access for ringing etc. and to avoid birds escaping).

Innovative hatch closures also hold the hatch open when access is required and act as perches for the owls.

Separate rear fixing bracket to ease fitting to tree or wall using screws or straps (not provided). Fit the bracket to the tree or wall and then the nest box simply hooks onto the bracket. This is the safest way we know to fix a large box on a tree or wall.

Further bracket at base to secure the box in place.

The ultimate eco-friendly credentials - not only is this owl box helping to save a protected species but the floor of the box is made from FSC Certified OSB - made from from small flakes of wood left over from other production or harvested from small fast growing trees, while the rest of the box is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Lightweight (9.5 kg) and very strong nesting box (tested with a load of 100 kg - equivalent to 300 barn owls). Virtually indestructible!

When fitting inside, we suggest it should be mounted high up (at least 3 metres if possible). Near the apex of a roof is ideal, providing there is enough ventilation to avoid overheating when the sun shines on the roof. Please ensure that the owls have permanent access to the roof space, and that the entrance to the box is in full view of any visiting owls. When siting a box outside (on a building or tree) there are a number of factors to consider which are likely to contribute to how attractive the box is to barn owls. For siting outside we recommend that the box is at least 4.5 metres high. To minimise the risk of overheating it is best to site the box somewhere shaded that avoids too much direct sunshine (especially in the middle of the day). To reduce rain being blown into the box, if possible face the box away from the prevailing wind. It is also best to choose a location where any passing owls can clearly see the entrance hole (and have a good view from the entrance hole).

Please note that Barn Owls are a Schedule 1 species and during the breeding season an occupied nest box should not be disturbed or inspected by anyone other than a licensed individual. Outside of the breeding season a licence is not required.

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