Cocksfoot Grass Seed - Dactylis Glomerata AF-CO

Quick Overview

  • Suits dry conditions
  • Sow in Autumn or Spring
  • Seed rate 10 grams to the sq metre
  • Useful additions to a seed mix
Name Price Qty
100 Grams
+ -
1 kilo
+ -


Cocksfoot is a relatively coarse grass. It is particularly useful when the ground is prone to drought. It is known as Orchard Grass in America. It is perennials that is relatively short with small dense flower heads.

Whilst not a high yielder it is a useful addition to a seed mix

Additional Information

Image Copyright Jenny Seawright
Plant Height Up to 140cm
Latin Name Dactylis Glomerata
Setting Like most soils but will cope with some element of drought

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