BumbleBee Box - WBF09

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Quick Overview

  • Encourgae Bumblebees
  • Already constructed
  • Come with free advice
  • Help protect declining Bee 
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BumbleBee Box
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Bumblebee Box

  • Encourage bumblebees with this purpose made bee house.
  • Great for these fascinating but sadly declining insects.
  • Constructed from precision cut FSC softwood panels treated with water based environmentally friendly preservative for a long lasting dry box.

Additional Information

Mixture Details

 Bumblebees are good pollinators for many flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. A bumblebee box placed in your garden may attract a queen in the spring trying to find a nesting-site. Or alternatively you can catch one and house it in this comfortable bee home ! Our boxes are designed for just this; they are strongly made of weather-proof ply and make great homes for these important insects. They even have an inner transparent lid so that you can see what’s happening!

Each box is made to provide a long lasting insect home and is constructed from precision cut FSC timber that has been treated with environmentally friendly preservative which is kind to the insects but ensures a long lasting dry box.